For nearly 38 years, Handyware Philippines, Inc. continuously strives and dedicate its effort towards the improvement
          and modernization of the country’s various manufacturing industries.  To date, it is considered as one of the largest and most stable trading
          companies in the Philippines since the 1980’s.



Project Development

      Handyware shares professional opinions on matters that affect our clients' businesses.
In relations with clients for more than 30 years, we have been there for them in times of crisis and prosperity.

     Handyware's Logistics provides factory and line improvements for efficient operation and better production.  Our Project Engineers are always available for consultations, providing solutions and design specifications customized for every client.

Packaging Development

     In line with its packaging and materials resource, we also offer packaging concept development 
for all types of label and materials.  From conceptualization of a product up to its label rolls, including chromalin proofs and samples.


     The key to success of any business is its ability to look long term. To be able to provide the best 
after-sales service that will ensure each client’s machine will function efficiently for years to come. 
Handyware takes its pride in knowing that our engineering team can supply the much-needed support to assist every manufacturer in achieving highest yield. 

     Handyware have Engineering Teams and Service Technicians that will install, commission,
maintain and troubleshoot our equipments. Our people are capable of servicing every equipment we offer including training and troubleshooting as a company policies is to provide optional to original parts. 

Research & Development

     Handyware's own Research & Development (R&D) team will help client’s to develop new product, existing new Products and even cost down ingredients to make product more acceptable in the market.

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